Sunny Leone , a pornographic actor.


Rights that’s what people do. Today I am gonna talk about sunny leone, more specifically why she is considered no less than an escort in India. The controversies over her is unlimited and unreliable. Starting from her past she was a Canadian born child , blessed to a sikh family .

But the moment she choose her career, she was no longer considered a blessing. Right now she is promoting her new web series.

Karenjit kaur

The untold story of sunny leone.

I actually haven’t seen the web series but through the trailer I got to know, how easily we judge people for their choices. A pornstar is considered no less than a prostitute but sunny leone says

There is one similarly,


I can feel it it takes a lots of guts to choose for such a career and to be a rebel. And it will be entirely horrifying for all of us , imaging a prostitute, in the middle of a eerie road, selling her soul and feeling along with her body.

The thing is it’s the situations that make us that way. In india , human trafficking is the one of the widest illegal business .And no single girl is safe .

And even if it’s ones own decision, we are no one to make a judgement on them. And due to our judgement and the Orthodox though process, we are ruining a person’s life.

It’s well said that if one can’t speak positive it’s better to stay shut .

People are bothering about her religion because in Sikhism, women are not supposed to choose such career. Basically she is targeted because of her religion.

But I want to give a message to all that the utmost religion is humanity. And In my opinion judging someone for their choices is wrong as well as worthless.


The Hectic Routine

I hate exams. Actually I am unable to find the meaning of giving exams and the techniques of education system. I guess these are all the statements you can hear form students,but I fell education system should be modified entirely.

Like ever phone and app require an update so do the education system. It’s quite hilarious to find out that we are updating our phone apps and play store but not something that make a human out of animal.

Changes required

First of all , a must change is the way they teach, I mean have you ever wonder why study is boring ?? And we feel sleepy while studying??

The simple answer could be that obviously we don’t show our interest, and that is because we are confined with the syllabus. Education system should be something that school us and helps us finding our talent and interest . However it’s totally opposite, the world has made it a compulsion for all to get the nicest jobs. It judge us on the bases of our grades . Do you think that these grades shows us how much we have understood??

I feel these grades only tell us our memorizing capacity.

If you judge a fish by its ability to climb tree , the whole time it’s going to think that it’s stupid.

It’s true actually, we do this every time and this is what we call competition.

I was once though by my parent’s that every person is unique in itself. So how can we compare a two dimensional thing with some more that two or three dimensional object.

Yaa lots of physics!!

Don’t freak out , it’s something that I read out on daily bases, now freak out , think about my situation !! It’s horrible because I hate physics as well.

I feel that education system should be fair to all , should help the kids to find out the niche and their strengths and not something that helps students to suicide, I feel blue whale game is enough for stuff.

The second change that education system should change is that they should take tests like gaming levels .

Now you might be thinking that it’s something that happens but some change leads to innovation, what I want is they should take tests frequently . They should not tell us when the next exam is going to be?? Because that makes us prone to taking stress , and we freak out like a pressure cooker, totally clueless and unprepared.

The benefit of taking test frequently will be that we may fall or fail in the starting but we will be able to build consistency of studying over time.

Though all of it is I don’t know when our educations will change , however one thing I assure is that our constant procrastination is never gonna let us fly stress free.

My Experiences Begins.

Thanks for joining my blog. However my thanks is just not enough, because for me its not just a blog, its an emotion. Emotion from where I am going to begin one step forward towards my dream. Right now I cannot promise you that I will provide you the nicest content, but  one thing that i can promise you is  that I will keep on progressing. I  will keep on learning from my achievements as well as my failures.

Practice and Time gets you experienced, but the most important thing required for getting experienced is to begin.